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This is a great story and testimony to God's Faithfulness in helping His children in their distresses and trials.

Psalm 107:6
Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them out of their distresses.

'Tortured beauty' given U.S. asylum

Woman persecuted for political views granted protection after WND report

By Chelsea Schilling© 2009 WorldNetDaily
Posted: April 14, 2009

Nicaraguan refugee Auxiliadora Martinez
(Editor's note: This interview was conducted with assistance of a translator)

Auxiliadora Martinez, a Nicaraguan political refugee, has been granted asylum in the United States and is no longer fearing for her life after hundreds of phone calls and letters, numerous prayers and countless marriage proposals in response to WND's exclusive story just last week.

"I want to thank you readers of WorldNetDaily for all your kind words," Martinez said. "Today, I have received an affirmation of the greatness of your country and nation. I received notice that I have been granted asylum."

Martinez' harrowing story
Martinez, 23, was beaten with sticks, shot at, nearly raped and almost murdered – all because she fought for free elections.

While she was a campaign organizer for Eduardo Montealegre, former Constitutionalist Party candidate for Managua mayor in 2008, she was tortured by Nicaragua's Sandinista regime.
Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega has employed neighborhood committees called Citizens Power Councils, or CPCs, used by his corrupt Sandinista party to spy on citizens, intimidate and torture them.

Martinez told WND the CPCs attacked her with large rocks, sticks, mortars and sprays of gunfire. A gang of Sandinista CPCs tried to rape and kill her because she was part of a group protesting the legitimacy of the 2008 municipal elections.

For Martinez' full story, see WorldNetDaily's original report.

CPCs fired homemade mortars into Martinez' mother's home and put her name on a torture list.

During Nicaragua's municipal elections last year, it was estimated that one-third of the voting stations experienced irregularities. Some polling locations closed early, and observers were evicted.

The president banned independent election observers from monitoring the polls for the first time since 1990. Many people believe Ortega and Hugo Chavez are determined to consolidate Marxist power in the region.

From left to right: Managua candidate for vice mayor, Enrique Quiñónez; Martinez and Managua mayor candidate Eduardo Montealegre

Martinez said Montealegre had documents showing that the election was fraudulent, but when he tried to present the evidence, he was kidnapped by the CPCs. His supporters protested the results, and they were violently attacked.

Sandinistas shot a young man in the back while he stood next to Martinez, blockaded streets and attempted to burn down Montealegre's campaign headquarters because they believed proof of fraudulent election results from the canvassing board was inside.

While Martinez walked home from protesting the election results, she spotted CPCs staring at her.

"I know who she is," one said. "She's one of his."

She overheard one say, "Let's kill her."

"The first thing that came to my mind was my family. I felt that I was never going to see them again," Martinez said, her voice quivering. "First, I asked God to forgive my sins and I kept walking. I asked God to protect me. They had photographs; they had names. They knew who I was. I was surrounded and in my mind, I was clinging to God."

Two strange men suddenly clenched her arms and ripped her blouse as she struggled to free herself. They warned her not to scream while they prepared to rape her.

She spotted woods nearby – and had a vision of her lifeless body being dumped just yards away after enduring torment of a brutal sexual attack.

One of the men let go of her arm to respond to orders issued on his walkie-talkie. She immediately pulled away and began running.

"I don't know how, only God knows, how I got loose," she said. "I ran, and they followed me, throwing rocks."

Martinez saw a house with an open door and a man who appeared to be leaving for work. Without asking for permission, she ran into his house. The CPCs did not follow her, and with the help of a woman inside, she escaped out a back door.

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