Monday, July 27, 2009

The pressure from the US and world continues on Israel to evacuate their God-given land in Judea/Samaria and East Jerusalem.

God will answer them!

Watch and see!

Police Evacuate as ‘11’ Outpost Operation Gets Underway

Yehudah Lev Kay
Av 6, 5769 / July 27, '09

( Police and IDF forces evacuated 10 youth from the Netzer outpost in Gush Etzion Monday as activists throughout Judea and Samaria began an operation to establish 11 new outposts in defiance of international pressure.

At Netzer, which lies between Alon Shvut and Efrat, police and IDF forces came along with the regional commander, Eran Makov, to assure the 10 youth did not go through with their plans to build a structure at the site.

“They pushed us around a little bit, cursed at us,” said Yair, who was at the evacuation. “But they didn’t arrest any of us. We’re going back already to build again.”

At other outposts, the work proceeded more smoothly. Near Ma’ale Michmash, around 30 youth began to build a structure at the new Inbalim outpost, while at Tzuryah, near Avnei Hefetz, organizer Matanya said that hundreds of youth had shown up to build “in defiance of the Americans.”

The “11” outpost operation was conceived by the Land of Israel Faithful as an answer to international pressure on Israel not to build in Judea and Samaria. It was designed to mirror a similar operation in 1946, when Jewish Zionists built 11 new outposts in the Negev, leading the UN ultimately to recommend that the Negev become part of the Jewish state.

The rest of the modern 11 outposts will go up on Tuesday, the second day planned for the operation. In Oz Yonaton, near Kochav Yaakov, Michael said youth would add a second structure alongside the “Obama” hut, which they jokingly named for the U.S. President for “encouraging further settlement in Judea and Samaria.”

Another new outpost is going up Tuesday near Neriya with the name of Givat Egoz. Youth have inhabited the site for a half a year and police have yet to bother them. They say families are now interested in moving in.

“With G-d’s help we want to tell the whole world that they cannot tell us what or how to build,” said Rachel, the organizer at Givat Egoz. “This is our country, and no one else should interfere.”

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