Thursday, July 9, 2009

N.Korea's Powerful Hacker Army

State Department under cyberattack for fourth day...

Well, this confirms what I sensed when Prime Minister Netanyahu set conditions for a peace deal with the palestinians:

From the article:
Channel 2 reported Wednesday night that the prime minister had told his father, 100-year-old historian Benzion Netanyahu, that he purposely set the conditions knowing that the Palestinians would never agree to them.

"He doesn't support [a Palestinian state]," the father said in a
phone interview. "He set conditions that they won't ever accept. That's what he told me. He set the conditions and they won't accept even one of them."

Netanyahu's office responded by accusing Channel 2 of "maliciously tricking a 100-year-old man."

Kadima released a statement saying that the interview proved that Netanyahu did not endorse a Palestinian state in good faith.

You go, Bibi!

Entire article:

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