Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Muslims call for global intervention over torched mosque

Organization of Islamic Countries urges international community to intervene in wake of torching of West Bank mosque; official statement condemns 'blatant attack on holy sites,' says incident confirms urgent need for global action

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The Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC,) which comprises 57 Muslim states, condemned the recent torching of a West Bank mosque and urged the international community to intervene in the affair.

In an official statement, the organization condemned the "burning of Qurans and racist slogans" painted on the mosque's walls, characterizing the incident as a blatant attack on holy sites.

West Bank

Settlers suspected of torching Palestinian mosque / Ali Waked

Arsonists spray walls with words 'we will burn you all' and 'price tag' – settler slogan for reprisal acts against settlement evacuation efforts. IDF says mosque door and rug damaged, while Palestinians claim entire library including books of Koran destroyed

The OIC said that the incident "confirmed the urgent need for the international community's intervention, in order to prompt Israel to end its assaults."

Meanwhile, President Shimon Peres also condemned the incident and urged authorities to apprehend the perpetrators soon.

"The torching incident is very grave and contradicts the State of Israel's values and its commitment to honoring all religions and believers," he said. "The government, security forces, and law enforcement agencies must urgently adopt all means in order to find the guilty parties and bring them to justice."

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