Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Massive biological attack drill begins
[ YAAKOV KATZ, Jan 13]


Israel's looming war in Gaza: Can Obama stop it before it starts?

By Bradley Burston

Next week, or the week after, Barack Obama may well see intelligence reports of tank battalions moving south and west along Israeli highways, and whole infantry brigades setting up camp in the western Negev.

The countdown to the Second Gaza War has begun in earnest. Date it, if you like, to Sunday, and a coolly terrifying analysis by Yom Tov Samia, former overall Israeli military commander of the Gaza Strip and the adjacent Negev.

Or date it, if you prefer, according to the axiom of contemporary Israeli history which reads: A future war becomes all but inevitable the moment a key IDF reserve major general declares it so.

Alternatively, date it from the moment that selective amnesia allows Israeli political figures to court the illusion that Hamas can be invaded to death.

All this and more was to be had from an interview Samia gave Army Radio this week, which should give pause not only to the Palestinians and Israelis who may fall victim to a Second Gaza War, but to Washington as well.

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Joel Rosenberg
January 11, 2010

NOTE: Joel is scheduled to be interviewed live from Israel on the Janet Parshall radio show on Wednesday at 4:15pm eastern.

>> Iranian nuclear scientist killed in mysterious bomb blast

Since arriving in Israel last week, I’ve become concerned that a second Gaza war could be coming…Hamas has fired rockets and mortars from Gaza for the fifth straight day…more than 25 have hit southern Israel since Thursday…Israeli special forces soldiers we’ve talked to here are itching to strike hard and crush Hamas once and for all….let’s pray the Lord’s will would be done.

■Gaza rocket hits Israel for fifth consecutive day
■Israeli planes kill 3 militants in Gaza strike
■Israel vows “powerful response” to Gaza attacks

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