Friday, August 13, 2010

Russia to begin loading fuel into Iran's nuclear reactor in 8 days

Now, as direct talks between Bibi and Abbas are being finalized by the Quartet, I believe we can see the confirming of the covenant (Daniel 9:27) coming into focus and even the number of years (seven):

According to the report, Netanyahu offered Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the past to establish a Palestinian state with temporary borders on up to 60% of the West Bank, but Abbas turned him down.

Netanyahu realized, the sources said, that the Palestinians would reject any offer for a permanent agreement which would be smaller than the entire territory of the West Bank together with a land exchange, and has therefore come up with the new interim agreement idea, which would enable progress ahead of a permanent agreement and allow the continuation of the negotiations.

Western sources in Ramallah told the newspaper that Netanyahu would work to reach a temporary, but long-term interim agreement, due to the growing fear of Right-wing elements in Israel of the idea of one state for two people after the failure of the two-state idea.

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