Sunday, September 12, 2010

Forget about the terrorists. This is what will bring swift destruction to our nation. When they bring about this agreement to divide Israel and Jerusalem I believe we will see castastrophic destruction reign upon this nation.

Not a voice being raised to stop this insanity as obama, clinton and mitchell agressively persue a "covenant with many" that will strip Israel of their God given Promise Land, part of their eternal capital and their security.

Where are the righteous voices crying out against our government insanity?
Where are the righteous voices crying out about the judgment that will befall your children?

According to obama and all the participants they want this concluded within a year. I figure that's about how long we have as a nation before the massive earthquakes, Russian missles or some other calamity crushes us and leaves us defenseless and suffering greatly.

Clinton Resuming 'Last Chance' Mideast Peace Talks

Published September 12, 2010
Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is shepherding Mideast talks this week that she says may be the last chance for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Clinton and former Sen. George Mitchell, President Obama's special envoy to the region, planned to be in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt, for talks Tuesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

They were scheduled to shift to Jerusalem for a second day of talks Wednesday.

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