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The Chastisement of the Denver Broncos

UPDATE:I was interviewed by Joe Kovaks, executive news editor, at WorldNetDaily yesterday. Joe took this article and embellished it: Great job, Joe! To God be the Glory!   See it here:
God's Hand was all over this Superbowl, number 48.
The Book of Daniel, chapter 4, verse 25 says that God rules in the affairs of men and gives the kingdom to who He will. Luke, chapter 18, verse 7 says that God will avenge His elect when they have been unjustly injured. Consider our latest Superbowl.

Two years ago the Denver Broncos dismissed Tim Tebow after he had taken them to the playoffs. After his miraculous pass that won the game against the heavily favored Pittsburg Steelers. Tebow's exhilarating 80-yard pass in the opening seconds of overtime won the game.

Not long after, the Broncos brought in Peyton Manning and replaced Tim Tebow as number one quarterback. The rumor going 'round was that GM John Elway didn't like Tebow, didn't like his Tebow prayer, fans or following and wanted rid of him. Elway didn't want him as backup quarterback either or on the team at all. Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets in March, 2012.

Peyton Manning was brought in to much fanfare and hoopla. Big salary, big bonus, trumpets blaring.

Fast forward to the 2013 Superbowl, February 2, 2014: Denver Broncos vrs. Seattle Seahawks.
Denver was the favorite, because of Manning. The Seattle quarterback? A kid named Russell Wilson. Christian, small guy, nothing really of note. No big records, no big wins, no big following. The New York Times labeled him forgotten, undersized and underestimated. Kinda like David against Goliath.

The days preceding the Superbowl there was a warning of another big snow storm heading toward the new Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Looked like it was going to hit right about gametime. As the big day approached it was reported that there were 18,000 tickets still available. Who wanted to be stuck in a snow storm in an open air stadium?

Who knew that God would use the Seattle Seahawks and their Christian quarterback to chastise the Denver Broncos and their quarterback, Payton Manning?

The day of the game - Sunday, February 2, 2014
Right at the start the Denver Broncos misplayed the Super Bowl’s opening play from scrimmage into a safety. The Bronco's center snapped the ball over the head of Manning and into the end zone. Denver recovered the ball and it was 2-0. That safety, twelve seconds into the game, caused one Las Vegas bookie to pay out a 50-1 long shot bet, costing him $62.000. When the first half ended the score was Seattle Seahawks 22, Denver Broncos 0.

Tim Tebow showed up at this Superbowl, too. He starred in one of the million dollar commercials and according to the New York Post, he was one of the biggest stars.

The second half started out as eye popping as the first half. It was Seattle's turn to receive the opening kickoff and Denver kicked the ball into the hands of Percy Harvin, who had a sensational 87-yard kickoff return. Seattle 29, Denver, still 0.

When the game ended the score was Seattle 43, Denver 8 and the cameras panned over to an excited Russell Wilson who was pointing up to the sky, thanking God for the victory.

The Drudge Report, soon after, posted a picture of a very dejected, defeated, number 18, Payton Manning. The caption, under his picture, labled, "THE HUMILIATION OF MANNING".

Snowflakes from the delayed snow storm started falling in the New York City area at 4 a.m. Monday, just hours after the Super Bowl was played across the Hudson River in East Rutherford, N.J.

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