Thursday, July 16, 2009

Iran Rejects Engagement on Nuclear Program; Thwarts Obama's Effort...

Defense official: Israel readying for attack on Iran

World may back Iran op as part of deal


Jul 16, 2009

A deal taking shape between Israel and Western leaders will facilitate international support for an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities in exchange for concessions in peace negotiations with the Palestinians and Arab neighbors, The Times reported Thursday.

According to one British official quoted by the paper, such an understanding could allow an Israeli attack "within the year."

The report in the UK paper quoted unnamed diplomats as saying Israel was prepared to offer concessions on the formation of a Palestinian state as well as on its settlement policy and "issues" with Arab neighbors, in exchange for international backing for an Israeli operation in Iran.
"Israel has chosen to place the Iranian threat over its settlements," one senior European diplomat said.

According to the Times report, the passage of two Sa'ar 5-class Israeli Navy ships through the Suez Canal on Tuesday was a message to Iran and part of preparations being made by Israel for the possibility of a strike.

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Israeli warships rehearse for Iran attack in Red Sea

Israeli warships have deployed to the Red Sea for what has been described as a rehearsal for a possible attack on Iran.

By Our Foreign Staff
16 Jul 2009

Israeli and Egyptian officials said two ships had sailed through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea.
Media reports in Israel said the two Saar-class missile ships had been sent as a "message" to the Tehran government, which has repeatedly issued threats against Israel and is developing nuclear technology believed by the West to be intended for atomic weapons programme.

While Iran denies this, saying its enrichment of uranium is for civlian purposes only, so that it can generate electricity.

Israel has also deployed a submarine using the Suez Canal, but it has since returned to the Mediterranean.

Defence experts in Israel said this week that the naval activity had been publicised with the intent of sending a message to Iran.

The Israeli government has reserved the right to carry out a first strike on Iran's nuclear facilities if the country continues to defy the international community and spreads instability in the Middle East.

Israel also accuses Iran of sponsoring the Hizbollah movement in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.

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